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An Introduction to Forensic Accounting When it comes to forensic accounting, it is much more than simply crunching in numbers. To put it simply, your forensic accountant is an industry professionally who is trained to look far deeper into the matters you are dealing with, and it is not like your typical financial audit mandated by the SEC. Forensic accounting is now a new and suddenly identifiable career path being pursued by many, as it has become increasingly necessary over the past decade. A forensic accountant is hired when a there is a need to look deeper into the financial matters involving a bankruptcy, fraud issue and other major legal conflicts arising in white collar settings, that may potentially have to be taken to court, because they cannot be settled by the parties involved. Once the accountant is hired, he or she then conducts an audit and arrives to a sound and reasonable conclusion, ultimately determining who is the rightful party in a particular financial dispute. This type of financial professional will serve as either an external or internal auditor. Once the audit is complete and the accountant has arrived to a sound conclusion, he or she will create a report that is often used in the court of law as evidence. It is common for forensic accountants to testify in court, and only if necessary, to express what it is they found while they were conducting research.
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Where To Start with Businesses and More
Forensic accounting, as mentioned previously, arose from a financially distressed economic climate, when there was mass amounts of chaos wreaking havoc within small to large businesses. Over the past couple decades the forensic accounting position became a means to fight against corporations completely devastating people who were unable to fight against them. Forensic accountants exist to make sure that none of this ever happens again. What you must understand is the forensic accounting is not your typical form of accounting. The forensic audit is very specialized. When a normal audit catches mishaps, that is when it becomes necessary to call upon a forensic accountant to take a look at the missing pieces or misinformation. To put it simply, a forensic audit is mandated when a normal audit detects an issue, and there is need for more investigation in the matter at hand. Here are some scenarios when a forensic accountant will be called: agency fraud, insurance claims, construction audits, royalty audits, SEC inspections, matrimonial disputes, etc. We highly recommend you do your research before hiring the first person you find.